Your website - Online in as little as 7 days

Your website - Online in as little as 7 days

Your great website starts here

This is the first of a few very easy steps to getting you a great looking website.

Simply enter your details in the boxes.

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Photos or images to be displayed on your website.

All photos and images must not be subject to copyright. If you need to find photos or images on the internet then, go to google, enter your search, click on the image tab, click search tools, select “Labeled for reuse with modification” Save and send us the images or send us the link to the images. These images are not subject to copyright and can be used on your website.


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What happens next

Here’s a basic outline of what happens during the building of your website

  • We gather as much information as we can to create a good foundation to start building your website.
  • We then create a website that has a temporary passcode. You will be given the passcode so that you can see it’s progress. The website will be invisible to the public until it is completed.
  • Once the website is complete and you are satisfied we will request a recurring monthly payment to commence. You are under no obligation and your subscription is cancelable at any time without notice to us. Payment is via Paypal. Paypal is trusted all over the world and protects us against fraud as well as you. (No fixed term and you can simply cancel at any time by logging into Paypal and selecting cancel payment.)
  • We then remove the passcode and submit the site to be indexed with google.